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E-Rate Consulting

The main goal in our consulting efforts are to obtain the highest possible discounts and value for category 1 & 2 services purchased under the e-rate program. Our E-Rate consulting services begin with verifying and or registering applicant with the FCC and obtaining a Billed Entity Number (BEN) from USAC. (888-203-8100) Next step is to determine the discount percentage the applicant is eligible to receive (see chart).

When this step is completed People First Communications (PFC) will provide the following services;

1. Technology Plan - Although no longer required by USAC, PFC will work with applicant an map out the best possible solution for their technology   needs.

a. Category 1 Internet services, plans and discount options
b. Category 2 Internal connections, services and options

2. PFC will work with applicant on RFP’s and posting all necessary forms to begin the bidding process. This includes evaluating, weighing and documenting the selection process for the successful bidder.

3. PFC will prepare and post, for certification, all forms necessary to request funds approval for selected services.
4. When service/s are completed, by service provider, PFC will assist applicant on the filing of confirmation, invoicing and CIPA compliance forms.

Our E-Rate Consulting Services include but are not limited to:
• Stay up to date on all program changes, such as the 2015 Modernization Order
• Understand the technology needs of a school, library or Consortia and identify opportunities that may save money on telecommunication, Internet service and internal infrastructure
• Identify all E-Rate funding possibilities
• Complete all application forms, filings and required correspondence
• Manage, file and store all relevant paperwork associated with your application
• Become the point of contact for all reviews, audits and appeals
• Answer all Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) questions
• Prepare and respond to Selective Review Audits
• Review Free & Reduced figures and provide guidance to maximize E-Rate discounts
• Answer compliance questions and eligibility issues
• Prepare and follow-up with service substitutions, and SPIN number changes
• Follow-up with E-Rate invoicing payments and discounts
• Answer questions concerning E-Rate policies
• Review applications

CIPA Compliance Services

CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) compliance is required for an entity to become and remain eligible for the E-Rate Program. If an entity is found to be noncompliant, it will be required to reimburse USAC for all funds received during the period of noncompliance – this could amount to a loss of hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Because of this, compliance is vital. The guidelines presented by the FCC can be difficult to navigate, and we are pleased to offer several services to help ensure worry-free CIPA compliance.

E-Rate Process Management — from start to finish, we’ll be there every step of the way. We’ll complete the necessary and often cumbersome paperwork, on time and accurately. Long after the E-Rate application process is concluded, we’ll continue working with you to ensure your E-Rate reimbursements are maximized.

We recognize that after the E-Rate process of posting RFP’s, selecting a service provider and obtaining approval to continue, there is the daunting task of verifying the work done is completed to specifications.  We will work with the applicant and service provider to develop a project charter, plan and processes necessary to complete the project within scope, time and budget constraints.

People First Communications is a registered E-Rate Consultant (CRN), #17000116.